This week, the second Homeshare service in Wales is starting; Rhannu Cartref Gwynedd Homeshare will match people living alone who require a little extra help to continue living independently at home, with those seeking affordable accommodation in and around Gwynedd, Wales.

Lansiad Rhannu Cartref Gwynedd / Homeshare Gwynedd LaunchThe programme aims to tackle key issues in society such as loneliness and isolation as well as the housing crisis. In Wales 54% of people aged 60-74 and 49% of people 75+ years, said they felt lonely sometimes (ONS) but they want to stay living at home for longer. Younger people are being priced out of the villages, towns, and cities they want to live in, for work or study. Latest figures again show that the average age at which people can leave home even to rent is rising along with the proportion of income spent on housing. Many people in mid and later life are also finding themselves without affordable housing options after the impact of the pandemic.

Homeshare UK and Rhannu Cartref Gwynedd Homeshare, part of Cyngor Gwynedd are launching the third Welsh pilot programme to offer more people the opportunity to live sociably and affordably whatever their age.

Join Rhannu Cartref Gwynedd Homeshare and Homeshare UK online for the launch this Wednesday 11th January from 1-2pm.

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