Quality assurance framework


The Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework is a way to make sure Homeshare organisations deliver the best possible service they can for the people who use Homeshare.

We would like our network members to ensure their service is both safe and effective by continually; assessing and evaluating their operation and evidencing that they are working to a high standard. The Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework  focuses on 10 areas of good practice covering key aspects of delivery including governance, practice and sustainability.

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The Homeshare Quality assurance framework is currently self-regulated

Download an overview of the Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework

If you are a Homeshare network member and would like to take part in the Quality assurance framework,
log in to the members’ area for more information.

Network members who have completed their initial self-assessment against the Homeshare UK quality assurance framework as part of their ongoing commitment to self-regulation include: