Commission a Homeshare programme

Homeshare is a way of supporting people to help each other. A Homeshare arrangement brings together people with different sets of needs, both of whom have something to offer. Householders are people who have a home that they are willing to share but they need some help and support. Homesharers are people who need affordable accommodation and are willing to give help in exchange.


Homeshare benefits communities because it:

  • provides low-level and preventative support at little cost
  • tackles housing shortages and makes better use of housing stock
  • allows key public service workers to live in good quality accommodation in expensive inner city areas
  • increases community cohesion and inter-generational contact and fosters greater understanding
  • Allows older people to have an active role in their community by helping someone else

Cost saving

Homeshare can have a positive effect on the local economy, government and the NHS because it:

  • reduces the  use of services such as residential care
  • reduces the risks of falls, better health and well-being for older people
  • increased affordability of higher education due to reduced living costs
  • reduced pressure on housing provision by increasing occupancy
  • helps recruitment to lower paid public service jobs by reducing the burden of  high housing costs.


Download our Guide for Commissioners for more information on how a Homeshare programme can benefit your area.

Homeshare – a commissioners guide

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If you would like to talk about commissioning a Homeshare service in your area, please get in touch with Homeshare UK at or call 0151 227 3499


Safeguarding is paramount in Homeshare. All schemes have a verification process that includes DBS, reference checks and interviews for the homesharer. Homesharers, the suitability of the home and the needs of the householders are assessed before any introductions are made. For more information on how Homeshare works, see how it works.

Quality assurance

Homeshare is not a regulated service as the Homesharer provides no elements of personal care or other regulated activity. However, all Homeshare providers in the UK are run by not for profit organisations  who are members of the Homeshare UK Network and work within our Good Practice Guidance. Our self-regulated Quality Assurance Scheme ensures that Homeshare partners meet our required standards to run safe, effective and successful programmes.

More information

If you would like to set up or commission a Homeshare UK service in your area, please get in touch with Homeshare UK at or call 0151 227 3499

Download the Homeshare Sector Report 2021

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