Whilst travelling around Wales and talking about Homeshare, it’s amazing how many people tell you ‘I did something like that when I was younger,’ or ‘Someone I know took a young person in.’ It seems that intergenerational living has always been with us and always will be, so we at Homeshare UK thought we should be celebrating that!

Quote from Tim about Homesharing

Whilst we often hear stories pitting one generation against another causing division and stirring up discrimination, we thought it would be great to gather the stories of how the generations have come together and lived together. Did you share a house with an older person when you were in university or when you first started work? Have you opened up your home and shared it with a younger person who was in need of accommodation?  We’d love to hear your memories. What was good about it, what worked, have you kept in touch?

Often we hear stories of people who were unrelated living together but we also know that many young people are brought up by their grandparents and we’d also love to hear from them too.

Quote from Emma about Intergenerational living

Send your stories, memories, quotes to tim@sharedlivesplus.org.uk and also post on social media using the hashtag #UnderOneRoof

Let’s celebrate intergenerational living in all its forms and show that our lives get better when they’re shared.

Darllen hwn yn Cymraeg