We were really pleased to be featured in an article in the Telegraph this week, thanks to a brilliant write-up from Ben Aitken, who is himself a former homesharer.

We are particularly pleased that the Telegraph added a poll which showed that 8 out of 10 people would consider an intergenerational househare.



The article itself is full of examples of how brilliant intergenerational living can be.  Joan, who has welcomed Aušra into her home, supported by Homeshare Age UK Oxfordshire says:

 “I’d have to spend a lot more on outside support if Aušra wasn’t around. Not for my personal care, but for cooking and for tidying up, things like that. I nearly fell over recently but Aušra was there to stop me from toppling.”


Joan recalls a time when she was worried that her younger companion may have been the one falling over when she heard a series of loud bangs coming from her bedroom. “I was really worried until I realised it was just Aušra doing her yoga.”

Isabel is a recent graduate, who lives with retired professor Simon in Saltaire, supported by Homeshare Leeds City Council:

“I didn’t like the individualistic style of living at university, with everybody doing their own thing. I like cooking and eating with Simon. It’s nice. It makes sense,”

And Michael, who has opened up his home to Gemma in the Cotswolds, supported by Homeshare Age UK Gloucestershire, feels that the benefits of Homeshare go beyond just the two of them:

“Any gap or division between people isn’t useful or healthy. Older and younger people need to rub along together. It’s a potential problem for society if they don’t. The knowhow of the older generation will get lost. And when there’s a gap, or a distance, then people are more easily misunderstood. On both sides.”

Intergenerational living isn’t anything new of course, but the idea of combining intergenerational living and sharing with someone outside of your family may not be something people are as familiar, or comfortable with.  And that’s where Homeshare organisations, and Homeshare UK comes in. Organisations check references for potential homesharers and householders, and introduce people who are likely to get on well together. And each Homeshare match has a co-ordinator to provide advice and support, so that everyone can feel safe, and empowered, for as long as the match lasts.

How Homeshare works – Homeshare UK

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