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by Homeshare UK
last updated on 05 October 2016

A guide for policy makers responsible for public policy covering housing, health and social care, the economy and communities.

last updated on 09 September 2016

A guide for commissioners interested in setting up a Homeshare programme in their area.

by Shared Lives Plus
last updated on 24 October 2016

Homeshare enables two unrelated people to share a home for mutual benefit. Typically an older Householder with a room to spare will be carefully matched with a younger person who will provide an agreed amount of support in exchange for their accommodation.

by Homeshare UK
last updated on 24 October 2016

12 May 2013 - Homeshare schemes let young people offer help and company to the elderly, in return for cheap lodgings. Everyone’s a winner.

by Jane Coffey, Oxford Brookes University
last updated on 24 October 2016

The Homeshare pilot programmes were funded by Section 64 grants from the Department of Health. Funding for the development and management of the Homeshare programmes in West Sussex and in Oxfordshire was awarded to the NAAPSUK.