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by Homeshare UK
last updated on 24 October 2016

12 May 2013 - Homeshare schemes let young people offer help and company to the elderly, in return for cheap lodgings. Everyone’s a winner.

by Jane Coffey, Oxford Brookes University
last updated on 24 October 2016

The Homeshare pilot programmes were funded by Section 64 grants from the Department of Health. Funding for the development and management of the Homeshare programmes in West Sussex and in Oxfordshire was awarded to the NAAPSUK.

by Novus
last updated on 05 September 2016

Age UK have also reported that 17% of older people have less than once weekly contact with family, friends and neighbours and a need for help with practical household activities that isn’t being met through council services.

by Ategi Homeshare
last updated on 05 September 2016

A story about an Ategi Homeshare partnership.