On World Health Day we want to share the great ways Homeshare helps to improve the mental and physical health of our matches.

” I fell walking down my drive. It shook me. So what was I to do with the rest of my life? My need was to stay in my own home. A friend suggested Homeshare.” – Householder, London

Lots of older people are not yet in need of social care, but do need help with light-touch tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping as well as having the reassurance of someone being around in their home. Homeshare offers this support and it can sit alongside a package of personal care if someone needs additional support.

Homeshare also helps people’s mental and physical health by:

  • reducing falls and hospital admissions by having someone else round at home,
  • provides companionship that prevents loneliness for both the homeowner and the homesharer, improving mental health,
  • giving both people’s families peace of mind knowing that their relatives have secure accommodation and companionship,
  • giving people a safe and affordable place to live, reducing anxiety and money worries.

“My two-hour commute has been replaced by a pleasant 15 minute cycle ride to work. What a difference!” – Homesharer

Homeshare is committed to contributing to the aims of the WHO’s 2023 theme for World Health Day – Health For All, which envisions that all people have good health for a fulfilling life in a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. We think that begins at home.