This week we’re taking part in Global Intergenerational Week, an annual campaign celebrating all things intergenerational.

Homeshare matches two people, usually an older and a younger person to live together for mutual benefit. It enables older people with spare rooms to continue living in their own home and benefit from low-level support from their homesharer, doing things like cooking, shopping and light cleaning. Above all it’s about companionship and creates new intergenerational friendships – so it’s a great thing to tie into this week’s wider global celebrations.

As part of the week, we’ve shared photo diary activity sheets with all our Homeshare providers so they can encourage matches to take part in activities together – things like watching a film or sharing a skill with someone from another generation. These are all things people in Homeshares may typically do anyway, but this is a chance to take stock and perhaps try something new.

We’ll also be sharing lots of new stories and content here on our website and across our social media channels to get involved in and amplify the conversation over the next seven days.

The #GIW23 campaign runs worldwide, inspiring individuals, groups, organisations, local/national government, and NGOs to fully embrace intergenerational practice, connecting people of different generations in intentional, mutually beneficial activities.

It’s also an opportunity to celebrate good practice, ideas, moments, and opportunities local to us where different age groups come together, and intergenerational friendships can be formed!

Find out more about the campaign at: or discover more about Homeshare by taking a look around our website.