Following on from our recent news about developing Homeshare in Scotland, we are thrilled to announce that, funded by the Welsh government over the next three years we plan to bring Homeshare to Wales too!

Homeshare enriches the lives of both the Householder and the Homesharer, building links across generations and connecting people with their local communities. It’s a model of support and Housing that is growing in popularity in the rest of the UK.

Having a dedicated local provision will make Homeshare available to so many more people across the UK and we welcome  the support from the Welsh government in recognising the benefits that Homeshare could bring to people across generations in Wales.

By March 2024 we aim to establish three Homeshare pilot programmes across the country, enabling older people to stay in their own homes for longer, allowing younger people to have access to good quality accommodation, and reduce isolation and loneliness by bringing together people who want to share their lives and homes.

Working with the Welsh Government and underpinned by the Connected Communities Policy our dedicated Homeshare Development Officer will:


  • Work with groups of older and young people and partners from the Voluntary and Community sector to develop feasibility studies and identify pilot sites in Wales.
  • Support the set up and development of three pilot programmes.
  • Create a thriving Homeshare community across the country.


If you would like to hear more about our development plans for Wales, please contact:

Kathryn Morgan, Wales Homeshare and Shared Lives Development Manager on 07867 452 158 or