So many of you have given so much in recent months, and the Shared Living Awards are just one small way to say big thank you on behalf of everybody who has made a massive difference this year.


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Do you know someone who fits the bill?


The shared Lives awards nominations are open and there are 4 categories this year that incorporate Homeshare. We would absolutely love to see Homeshare organisations and participants get the recognition the deserve for the amazing and innovative work they are doing.

Nominations are open until  August 27th 2021. We will keep reminding you!

Award winners will be announced during the 2021 Shared Living Conference on November 11th

Here are the nomination categories and links to the nomination forms…



Shared Living Champions (in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

There are 4 awards up for grabs here for the individuals who have most promoted Shared Living in their area.

Nominees could be:

  • Homeshare programme workers
  • Homeshare householders or homesharers
  • Shared Lives carers
  • Shared Lives scheme workers

The judging panel are looking for people who have made a measurable difference, for instance by:

  • building stronger community connections
  • recruiting more carers
  • raising the profile of their scheme or programme
  • developing more commissioner support
  • engaging social prescribers

Nominate your Shared Living Champions here.


Homeshare nominations for these awards must be supported by three other people:

    • A Homeshare householder or homesharer
    • A Homeshare programme worker
    • Someone from an external organisation (e.g. local council, NHS trust, or referring organisation)


The Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is given to the Homeshare programme (or Shared Lives scheme) that has taken an innovative approach to developing, improving, or expanding its service.

This could include adapting their work to support more people, making significant improvements to their practice, or exploring ways to support new groups of people with Homeshare (or Shared Lives).


Nominate a Homeshare programme for The Innovation Award here.


Homeshare programmes can nominate themselves for this award, but your nomination must also be supported by two other people.

    • A Homeshare householder or homesharer
    • Someone from an external organisation (e.g. local council, NHS trust, referring organisation, or another Homeshare programme)



2021 Special Awards

This year we will be presenting  some special awards, reflecting the extraordinary circumstances of the recent past.

The two special awards for 2021 are:

The 2021 Everyday Hero Award for Pandemic Response – for individuals

The 2021 Pandemic Lifeline Award for Resilient Service – for organisations


These awards are open to any individual or organisation within Homeshare, or Shared Lives.


Special Award – The 2021 Everyday Hero Awards for Pandemic Response

The everyday hero awards recognise that sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. All across the country during the pandemic, people supported each other by going shopping, making masks, helping people to get online, chatting on the phone, having socially distanced doorstep conversations, and a thousand other small, everyday, ways.

Repeated lockdowns have redefined what it means to be a Homesharer or Homeshare householder, and people working for Homeshare programmes have adjusted to new ways of working, and living. We have been amazed at the courage, resilience, flexibility, and positivity shown across Homeshare during the pandemic.

We know there are thousands of stories from across the UK  that demonstrate this.  We want to say thank you to everyone in Homeshare for their contributions over the past 18 months, but if there is anybody who you would particularly like to nominate, so that we can thank them with one of awards, let us know.

Do you know someone who has helped hold their community together during the pandemic? Nominate them for the 2021 Everyday Hero Awards for Pandemic Response here.

This award is open to any individual living, or working, in Homeshare, or Shared Lives.


Special Award – The 2021 Pandemic Lifeline Awards for Resilient Service

Anyone working in social care knows that a disruption to service can have serious negative consequences. So, while many businesses and organisations hit the pause button when the UK went into lockdown, the Shared Living sector got to work finding new ways to deliver services, and keep much needed support in place.

This award is open to any organisation, scheme, or programme within Homeshare, or Shared Lives.

There are countless examples of resilient service from across the UK. Let us know which organisation has been a Pandemic Lifeline for you, so we can thank them with one of these awards.