Worrying about your elderly parents is a normal part of life for so many people. It’s important to explore all potential options for your loved ones.

Homeshare can help reassure the families of older people. By having the overnight presence of a homesharer – who also provides low level practical support – the families of householders feel much more at ease.

Sybil*, a former manager of a large hospitality workforce shares her Oxfordshire home with Amanda*, a retired nurse and writer.

For Sybil’s family, Homeshare has made a big difference. Her daughter explains: “Even though I talk to mum regularly, I worry about her much less now that I know Amanda is there.”

Sybil explains how Homeshare became an option for her: “My children weren’t able to help me in my home as much as they would have wished, and with me now living alone causing them concern they discovered Homeshare and thought it might be the ideal solution for us all”.

Homeshare Oxfordshire brings together compatible people, creating mutually beneficial matches based on needs, interests, and values.

“Having Homeshare’s professional experience in matching people together lightens the decisions that I would have to make,

“The thought of doing it independently at this point in my life…  I wouldn’t know where to start… you were a godsend.” Says Sybil.

Homeshare Oxfordshire oversee an extensive matching process involving multiple interviews, often with the householders family, as well as DBS checks. Both parties are matched based on wants, needs and interests. Once matches are made they provide ongoing support and frequent check ins.

“Initially it’s important to have a clearly set out detailed agreement of what the Homeshare will involve and a shared understanding of expectations. Sitting down and drawing this up with the Homeshare Oxfordshire team is an important part of the process. Keeping in touch with the Homeshare team to support us, as needed, is reassuring and a fundamental provision” says Sybil.

Sybil and Amanda’s similar ‘take on life’ and very similar sense of humour makes for a good match. With much in common, including an avid interest in reading, they have plenty of stories to share and now enjoy a firm friendship.

It is a big step for many to reach the decision that they are needing a bit of extra support or the reassurance of another person in their home. Being able to maintain independence is so important to many older people, as is the case for Sybil.

Also sold on the Homeshare concept, Amanda was happy to find an opportunity which would allow time and flexibility to dedicate to her writing whilst being able to help someone in need of a bit of support. The location – a part of Oxfordshire which Amanda liked and knew well – was a bonus. Sybil is massively thankful that it’s all worked out.

“Without question, my life has become easier.

“It’s the little things in life that are no longer little to me.” Says Sybil.

Cooking for each other from time to time has also been another plus. Steak and ale pie last week, this week, moussaka and Mediterranean veggies.

Amanda talks about: “enjoying good conversation as much as quiet companionship and being able to learn plenty from both.”

The pair now know each other well and Amanda recognises Sybil’s determination whilst understanding what she needs help with.

“The rest of the time I am either out or more likely upstairs writing my third book – which is going well” says Amanda.

Sybil and Amanda’s Homeshare arrangement is thriving, and both are very respectful of the other’s space.

“We’re not 100% compatible but a good 95%,

“We really do get on splendidly” says Sybil.

Worrying about your elderly parents is an inevitable part of life, but having an open conversation with them about the best options for them is vital. For Sybil Homeshare was the right option.

If you think it could be the right option for yourself or your parents find your local provider here.