Getting the most out of your Homeshare

Learning ZoneGetting the most out of your HomeshareGetting the most out of your Homeshare

In this module we introduce Homeshare- giving you a taste of what it’s like to share someone’s home so you can get the most from the experience.

This section will cover the following:

  1. Benefits of Homeshare  
  2. Foundations of successful Homeshares  
  3. Living with older people  
  4. A Real-World Scenario  
  5. Fostering trust with your Householder  
  6. Working as a team with your Householder and others in their life  


  1. Strategies for effective communication  
  2. Working with different communication styles  
  3. The art of listening  
  4. Disagreeing respectfully  
  5. Expressing goodwill and positivity  
  6. Recognising and managing your emotions  
  7. Setting boundaries  
  8. A real-world scenario  


  1. Summary and contact information

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