Members of Homeshare UK are raising awareness this week of how they can support their local community by safely matching older people living alone with those seeking affordable accommodation.

  • The news comes as the true scale of loneliness for all ages in the UK is becoming understood.
  • 4 million older people in the UK are often lonely[1].
  • Many people in mid and later life are also finding themselves without affordable housing options due to the increasing cost of living.

As the darker nights draw in, more people feel safe and secure having the reassurance of an overnight presence and someone to share a meal with.

Homeshare matches are facilitated, supported and closely monitored by their local Homeshare provider. As members of Homeshare UK, they draw on established national good practice guidance and a quality assurance framework from Homeshare UK to ensure safety and quality, including face-to-face and ongoing support.

Deborah Fox, Head of Homeshare UK said, “This year during Homeshare Aware Week we’re asking older people and their relatives to get in touch with one of the 20 Homeshare organisations across the UK, who offer wonderful opportunities for older and younger people to connect and help each other out – whether it’s practical, offering a spare room, or companionship. We all need real life company more than ever in our society today.”

A daughter of a householder with Homeshare Living said, “Homesharing has made such a difference to my mum’s life. She is much happier as she is not alone in the evenings, and she has someone else to chat to, share meals with and care about. It has also given me immense peace of mind that someone is there in case anything happens. Mum is well in to her 90’s now and I feel sure that things would have been very different, and she would probably not have been able to stay in her home these last few years if she hadn’t had a sharer.”

To find out more about Homeshare and enquire with your local provider click here.