Throughout the second year of the global pandemic, there have been many challenges, however Homeshare services across the UK report there has been an increased interest in the number of people wanting to Homeshare and 147 older people were in the process of being matched with a suitable Homesharer in December 2021.


Photo Credit: Two Generations – Gretta & Rick


Read the 2021 report here


Key messages:

  • Despite the pandemic, house prices rose again in 2021 with the average house price in September 2021 at a record high of £270,000; £28,000 (11.8%) higher than September 2020, making it even harder for young people to save towards purchasing their first home
  • In 2021 there was an increase of 5% on the number of people Homesharing
  • By December 2021 there was a 41% increase from last year on the number of older people wanting to Homeshare
  • Homesharers provided over 196,000 support hours to Householders
  • Householders report benefits of tackling loneliness and the comfort of an overnight presence in the home
  • Homesharers report the top benefits as a safe and affordable place to live as well as the feeling of giving back to the local community

Deborah Fox, Head of Homeshare UK says, “Due to the ongoing housing crisis in many locations across the UK, the majority of our Homesharers are now aged between 26-35 (67%), including young professionals, university students as well as public sector workers, all of who need affordable accommodation and a place to call home.

There has also been an increased interest in individuals aged 50-60+ looking to become a Homesharer who have similarly been impacted by lack of affordable housing, or simply because they value companionship”.

“Our network of over 20 Homeshare organisations have worked extremely hard to ensure older people are aware of Homeshare as an option for help and a friendly face around the house, which has led to a 41% increase in the number of Householders wanting to Homeshare at the end of December 2021”.


Read the 2021 report here