Olivia Cornaz, centre, with housemates Robin Moss and Jill Turner were matched by Share and Care Homeshare BEN STEVENS FOR THE SUNDAY TIMES


We have been thrilled to have TWO high profile pieces of coverage for our Homeshare network members this week.  On Sunday (21 February 2021)  Homeshare was featured in the Sunday Times. The article features several real Homeshare matches from around our network of Homeshare organisations who deliver Homeshare services around the UK and Ireland.


Read the full article here

Katie and Denise Homesharing in Somerset matched by Homeshare West

The Journalist spoke with Katie and Denise who are living together in Somerset matched by Homeshare West

Both were apprehensive. Katie had lived only with housemates her own age; she thought it might be like living with a grandparent; her own had died by the time she was ten. But, she said, “it’s a much more equal relationship”… Katie has been teaching Denise to use WhatsApp and learn the keyboard. Denise has changed Katie’s outlook: “We’re always talking about life. What makes a person who they are? Because she’s reflecting on life, it has made me reflect on how I live my life and what’s important,” Denise said



Today (Thursday 25th Feb) there was a piece on BBC Morning Live who interviewed Natasha Langleben, co founder of Two Generations Homeshare and two of their matches and matches potential matches. It was a lovely article that highlighted the matching process and how important it is to get the right people together in Homeshare .


You can see the clip here

Homesharing has been happening in the UK since the 1980’s but has always been small scale. We hope articles such as this one will help to raise awareness and show more people that Homeshare can be the solution to many key issues such as Loneliness and isolation across all generations. It’s a safe and fun way to make friends, make use of the assets you have whether that’s a spare room on your house or time to give as practical support.

Find a full list of Homeshare organisation here. All are members of Homeshare UK and vetted for good practice