Last year over 1,000 people benefited from being in a Homeshare match. With the service set to grow across the UK, here is everything you need to know about looking for a Homeshare organisation.

At Homeshare UK we have a network of over 20 Homeshare organisations around the UK matching people together for mutual benefit. Someone with a spare room (often an older person) looking for practical support around the house so they can continue living independently, shares their home with someone looking for good quality affordable accommodation. Both people benefit from the companionship and having a friendly face at home, helping to tackle the housing crisis and increase social connections.

Our network follow high standards using our good practice guide and quality assurance framework, alongside a tailored service to reassure both parties and support them to settle into their matches. Safeguarding measures are in place to protect both people and bringing peace of mind to their families.

A Homeshare organisation should provide:

  • Personal support. The Homeshare organisation will get to know you, your interests and lifestyle to ensure the best match possible with a Householder. Each match is bespoke, so the matching process is the most important stage.
  • A trial period. When you first move in with your Householder, you will be given a trial period to support you as a match. During this time, you will receive support calls or 1-1 visits and contact with you throughout the trial.
  • Ongoing support. The Homeshare organisation will schedule regular check ins, calls and support for you throughout your full Homesharing experience.

In 2021 Homesharers reported they enjoyed Homeshare for its companionship, having a safe and affordable place to live as well as the feeling that they are giving back to the local community.

If you are interested in becoming a Homesharer and have further questions, please contact us

You can find your local Homeshare organisation here