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Share my Home Homeshare is a national provider that matches older people with compatible companions for mutual benefits of shared living. The Companion pledges 10 to 15 hours of weekly home help and company, and in return, the older person provides them with a room and a place to call home. Kindness and connection are everything. Share my Home is committed to enabling older adults establish genuine friendships and a mutual sharing of home life with younger people who care.

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Jennifer Petch
07561 155855

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2 Koops Mews

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About Homeshare

Homeshare helps people to stay independent in the places they love to live and builds community connections. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement with both people having something they need and something to give.

Homeshare brings two people together to share a home; typically, someone who needs help to live independently in their own home (a householder) is matched with someone who has a housing need (a homesharer). In return for affordable accommodation, the homesharer provides around ten hours of support per week to the householder.