Homeshare Living

We connect older Homeowners who seek companionship and have a room to spare with young adult Sharers who need affordable accommodation and are willing to offer some time, practical help and friendship.  As the world around us changes, we want to know that our loved ones are safe and looked after.  Now more than at any other time we want to know that there is someone there for them when we can’t be.

Key contacts

Sarah Kaye
Director and Co-ordinator
020 3137 6421

Where to find us

923 Finchley Road,
London NW11 7PE

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About Homeshare

Homeshare helps people to stay independent in the places they love to live and builds community connections. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement with both people having something they need and something to give.

Homeshare brings two people together to share a home; typically, someone who needs help to live independently in their own home (a householder) is matched with someone who has a housing need (a homesharer). In return for affordable accommodation, the homesharer provides around ten hours of support per week to the householder.