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by Homeshare UK
last updated on 17 May 2019

Case studies from across the UK network.

by Homeshare UK
last updated on 12 October 2018

Read the latest State of the Sector report for 2018. The latest statistics, updates, case studies as well as successes and recommendations for the Homeshare Sector.

by Homeshare UK
last updated on 01 August 2018

Homeshare article featured in 3rd Sector highlighting the work of Oxfordshire Homeshare and the role of Lloyd's Bank Foundation for England and Wales in supporting development of Homeshare in the UK

by OPM
last updated on 20 May 2021

Final Evaluation Report for the Homeshare Pilot Programme that ended in March 2018.

by OPM
last updated on 17 July 2018

A scoping study detailing the approach to supporting the Homeshare Partner Programme and an evaluation of the pilot sites.