Homeshare UK Sector Report 2017

last updated on 14 September 2017

We are thrilled to report that demand for Homeshare continues to grow with a remarkable eightfold increase in enquiries plus steady growth in both the numbers of people using Homeshare (9%) and the numbers of operating schemes (37.5%) in part due to the Homeshare Partner Programme. Furthermore, several established schemes are now operating sustainably and at scale; giving us confidence in the economic model and the demand.

Our investigations for the first time capture the anecdotal impact of Homeshare on Householder’s loved ones with 99% reporting greater peace of mind since their relative’s Homeshare and 86% indicating they would recommend it. For direct participants, key impact themes include; a reduction in loneliness, improved quality of life and re-engagement with local social networks.

For Homeshare to have a significant effect on social care in the UK, support from health and social care workers and the media is needed to; raise its profile further and help older people see Homeshare as a model which can enable them to age well in place, while also giving a younger person a great start in life. Additionally, more academic research is required to demonstrate the lasting, positive outcomes suggested anecdotally for Householders, Homesharers and their networks.

We hope you find the report of interest, if you have any questions – please do get in touch with the Homeshare UK team. or alternatively,