This year, we have seen many new Homeshare services launch across the UK as part of our work to make Homeshare accessible for all. We believe that Homeshare services operate safely and to a high quality when embedded and delivered in local communities. Here’s a rundown of the local Homeshare organisations that have joined the Homeshare UK network this year.

The launch of St John’s Winchester Homeshare

Shared Homes Swansea

Back in April Shared Home Swansea, part of Swansea CVS launched the first Welsh Homeshare pilot to offer more people the opportunity to live sociably and affordably whatever their age, with the right support structures in place to make it safe and enjoyable in and around Swansea, South Wales.

Roxane Dacey, Development Officer at Shared Homes Swansea said,

I have been aware of Homeshare for many years after working with a friend that was a Homesharer in London.  I think it is a fantastic initiative and mutually beneficial for both individuals involved. I was so excited to have the opportunity to start Shared Homes Swansea, the first Homeshare in Wales. The Homeshare concept fits really well as a solution for many of the people that we at SCVS work with, complementing our other projects. The Homeshare UK team have been (and continue to be!) extremely supportive and helpful. I am grateful to be a member of an organisation that holds a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel confident that Shared Homes Swansea will be a great success!

Pembrokeshire Homeshare

Pembrokeshire Homeshare, part of Pembrokeshire Care Society was then the second Welsh pilot to launch, during June. Pembrokeshire Care Society have been supporting the people of Pembrokeshire with homelessness and tenancy issues since 1979 and are now very excited to offering the people of Pembrokeshire a Homeshare service. Dean Flood, Development Officer for Pembrokeshire Homeshare said,

It has been a humbling experience to build and promote Pembrokeshire Homeshare over the past 6 months. At the heart are the people, community  and the relationships built. Networking has enabled me not only to see the immense value there is in bringing people together but the how the community benefits from strong partnerships, shared ideals and a commitment to offering practical and emotional support to those who need it most.

Pembrokeshire has its own unique challenges with loneliness, social isolation and housing. Through Homeshare I have been privileged to work across the broad spectrum of ages, bringing different generations together for the same purpose – living in a home that is safe, secure and which adds value to their lives. The key to success has been fostering relationships and building trust. We are now at the exciting stage of establishing our first Pembrokeshire Homeshare matches.

Homeshare UK Merseyside and Homeshare UK North East

In July, Homeshare UK launched two new services in North, in areas with high student populations and a demand on housing. It’s the first time Homeshare UK are delivering services directly and will enable significant growth in the North of England, with more profile and resources, so that organisations in the UK can catch up with the rest of Homeshare internationally. Catherine Ambrose, Service Manager for Homeshare UK said,

We are very excited to have this amazing opportunity to bring Homeshare to the people of Merseyside and the North East. Homeshare has been such a successful model across the South of the UK since the early 80s and has worked well to solve the issues of affordable housing for many and also has offered more choice to those who wish to remain living independently in their own homes. It is really important to us that this invaluable service is accessible to everyone across the UK and our newly launched services in the North, is going someway to ensuring this is the case.

St John’s Winchester Homeshare

Recently St John’s Winchester launched St John’s Homeshare for the local community based in Winchester. St John’s Winchester build vibrant and supportive communities where older people live well. Emma Kiss, Homeshare Coordinator said,

We launched our Homeshare service in October and it’s been a privilege to be involved so far. I firmly believe Homeshare is a timely, much-needed solution to support two cohorts in our community most affected by the challenges of loneliness, isolation, and living costs. I arranged a photoshoot to capture the mutual benefits of Homeshare for older and younger people. The immediate bond between the models was remarkable as they quickly shared stories, life experiences and opinions. Right from the start, the potential of Homeshare to foster mutually enriching intergenerational relationships unfolded before my eyes. “No-brainer” is an overused phrase, but totally relevant to Homeshare, enabling older people to continue adding value to their world by positively and actively influencing the lives of younger people. Feeling anonymous, useless and irrelevant is the scourge of older age. Homeshare relationships have the potential to blow that out of the water.

Coming soon Rhannucartref Gwynedd Homeshare 

The third pilot will be launching very soon from Gwynedd Council in North Wales!


If you are interested in Homeshare or would like to learn more please contact us or find your local provider.