Quality Assurance Framework (self-assessment)

Good Practice Element 7 – Matches

last modified on 07 December 2016

Guidance notes

The scheme coordinator has a responsibility to ensure that a suitable match is made within a reasonable timeframe.

The matching process can be conducted in a range of ways including:

  • Computer schemes that analyses peoples differences and similarities and link people who may be compatible
  • A team approach that gives a range of perspectives
  • Visual matching tools including white board, maps, wall carts that allow coordinator to link potential matches
  • The use of Householder and Homesharer profiles  

For this element of Good Practice you will need to be able to demonstrate that:

  • You have an effective method for identifying potential matches
  • That you are able to make ‘good’ matches’ that meet the needs of both the Homesharer and Householder.
  • You have a process in place for introducing the Householder and Homesharer and assessing that the match will work
  • Contracts are in place for each match
  • You are able to respond quickly and effectively when matches breakdown or end suddenly.   
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