Quality Assurance Framework (self-assessment)

Good Practice Element 2 – Staffing

last modified on 24 October 2016

Guidance notes

Homeshare staff can come from a range of backgrounds and sectors.

The underpinning knowledge and skills that have been identified to make a scheme successful include:

  • Understanding the needs, skills and goals of both groups of people who will use the schemes
  • Marketing skills and the ability to reach and engage both groups
  • Communication skills, including those needed to support people with communication difficulties
  • Knowledge of assessment processes, risk management and the relevant legislation and regulations
  • The ability to manage projects people and budgets
  • passion and tenacity.

For this element of good practice you will need to demonstrate:

  • That you were able to recruit staff with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.
  • Staff have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • That you have enough staff to deliver the proposed scheme
  • Staff are adequately supported and supervised
  • That staff have opportunity for personal development.
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