Valuing your unique contribution

Homeshare is the new face of community, increasing wellbeing and reducing the burden on social and health services.

Benefits individuals, communities and society

People are able to live well within their chosen community, improving the home/life balance for homesharer and householder alike.

Careful matching gives you control

There is a rigorous matching process, designed to give people a ‘real choice’ of who they live with. Homeshare matches are monitored throughout and there is support for both parties.

Living with dignity

Homeshare allows people to remain in their homes, homesharers can have affordable, safe and secure accommodation. Both parties are able to live well and value each other for their unique contribution.

Based on trust and mutual benefit

The scheme is based on fulfilling and trusting relationships, this is not about a ‘transaction’ but more about embracing and sharing new experiences and skills.

Simple, effective solution

Homeshare is a simple solution to older people feeling isolated and spiralling accommodation costs. It allows groups to integrate, increases understanding, breaks down barriers and removes fear.