Tribe for householders and their families

Tribe is an app and online platform, which connects people who need support with care providers, volunteers, and organisations that can support them.

Visit The Tribe Project website


Search for support or ask for help

People looking for support can use the website to search for support and activities in their local area, they can also use the app to request help from people who live in their local community, and are volunteers in trusted organisations.

Find support on Tribe from Bronze Software Labs on Vimeo.

Find local community activities or opportunities to volunteer

People who want to be more connected to their local area or meet new people can use Tribe to find groups and activities in their area, or to connect with organisations who are looking for volunteers.

Find support on Tribe from Bronze Software Labs on Vimeo.

Monitor Your Loved Ones

Integrate non-intrusive and private smart devices to help your loved ones remain independent in their home.

Tribe – Minut Home Monitoring Integration from Bronze Software Labs on Vimeo.

Download the app

Download the Tribe Support app and discover new ways to make your care and support more to your liking.