We have been busy over the last few months creating content and working with our web team (https://add10.co.uk/) to bring a whole new members section to our website. The new area is specifically for current Homesharers in the UK and ROI. It’s completely free to join and once signed in Sharers can access useful resources, tips and advice on  settling in, what to expect, breaking the ice and building relationships. There’s tailored guidance on living with older people and people with dementia and also some history of Homeshare for those interested in the context of the movement. Want to connect with other Sharers around the country? There’s a forum and newsfeed style homepage to share stories, ask questions and get advice from peers. Being a Homesharer can be a great experience but it can come with responsibilities and feeling like you are in a  different home environment to your friends and peer groups. Meeting like-minded people in similar situations from around the UK and Ireland can help those new and those who are old hats at Homesharing feel connected and recognise they are part of something so much bigger than their Homeshare match. Looking to learn more and gain skills? There’s online training courses that Homesharers can work through. Getting the most from your Homeshare and Safeguarding vulnerable adults are coming online soon.  The courses are designed specifically for Homesharers and guide the learner through easy to digest sections. Once completed, the sharers will get a certificate to accredit their learning that can be used for other Homesharing opportunities in the UK and around the world and as part of ongoing personal and professional development. We are really excited about bringing this group of people together to enhance their Homeshare experience and hopefully feel more connected and engaged to their householders and the wider Homeshare movement. If you are currently homesharing in the UK, it’s easy to sign up here: Sign up the Sharers Area Here If you are thinking about Homesharing, these resources will be available once you are in a Homeshare match. In the meantime you can: get more information here contact your local Homeshare providers here