Are you a social entrepreneur in Scotland looking for a new franchise opportunity that will impact your community in a positive way? Homeshare UK are looking for local social entrepreneurs in Scotland to connect with to expand our reach and offer a low cost franchise opportunity.

Introducing Homeshare UK – A Social Franchise Opportunity

Homeshare UK has a vision for a kinder, stronger society built around people sharing their lives, skills, and homes where both the householder and homesharer can benefit from sociable housing and companionship.

Homeshare is a sustainable low-cost solution supporting key challenges facing those living in the UK, including supporting an ageing population to live in their own homes for longer and providing good quality affordable accommodation for those struggling to find suitable space to call home during the rising cost of living.

Homeshare helps people to stay independent in the places they love to live and builds community connections. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement with both people having something they need and something to give.

Homeshare has distinctive characteristics:

  • It is not a regulated activity and the homesharer must not provide any element of personal care.
  • The homesharer provides practical support which can include help with shopping, cleaning, and cooking but more importantly the sharer must be prepared to live sociably in the property, providing companionship to the householder.
  • Homeshare organisations play a pivotal role in the relationship. They undertake all the key safety checks, make appropriate introductions, and provide ongoing support.


What is the role of the Homeshare UK franchisee?

The Homeshare UK franchisee matches, monitors and provides ongoing support to Homeshare relationships on a case by case basis and carries out the necessary checks to ensure the Homeshare is safe and effective.

Our social franchise offer provides a competitive business opportunity, with real financial returns, and maintains the high service delivery standards and underpinning values that we uphold. At the heart of everything we do is to support our network to deliver a safe, effective, and professional Homeshare service. We are looking for suitable franchisees to deliver Homeshare in their local community.

Our setup support includes:

  • Scoping the requirements for a Homeshare service within your area. This includes a feasibility study, research with key stakeholders and business planning.
  • Access to our demographic profiling systems to assess the potential of your local market for a Homeshare service.
  • Use of our financial planning tool for your business. Comprehensive induction training covering key policy and practice areas.
  • Access to the Homeshare UK good practice guide and resource library that holds key pieces of research, quality assurance information and draft documents/ templates to support delivery of your Homeshare business.
  • Full package of business and bespoke mentoring support
  • Marketing support, including a dedicated space on the Homeshare UK website, support to set up your social media channels, ongoing training and support
  • Training of our bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Access to Workshops, seminars, and an annual conference with specialist advice.
  • The opportunity to attend six weekly franchisee meetings.
  • An invitation to the Shared Lives Plus Homeshare franchisee forum which enables franchisees to contact each other and Shared Lives Plus staff easily.


“It has been life changing having Patricia living here especially in the dark winter evenings. It really has made a positive change in my life having someone so kind and friendly around and knowing that I am not alone.” A householder sharing through Homeshare Living

“To be honest, it’s like a dream come true. Living in a lovely home with a lovely person and within my limited budget. Being of help to someone is also a really important part of it for me.” Tomi, Film Studies Masters student from Slovenia sharing via Homeshare Oxfordshire

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