Quality Assurance Framework (self-assessment)

Good Practice Element 6 – Assessment

last modified on 24 October 2016

Suggested evidence

In addition to self-assessing your Homeshare scheme against the Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework you will also be asked to provide a range of evidence that demonstrates you are able to meet the requirements of this element.

You are required to either upload relevant documents and/or provide clear and concise narrative that explains how your organisation is working to achieve the requirements of the Quality Assurance Framework.

Please note your scheme must be able to demonstrate that they fully meet the Good Practice and Sound Process section of the element to meet baseline standards of the Quality Assurance framework.

For this element suitable evidence might include:

  • evidence of how you initially assess potential participants and the property
  • evidence of how you provide ongoing monitoring of the needs and wishes of participants.
  • the process for giving feedback to Householders on issues related to the property.
  • the process for giving feedback to potential participants who are rejected from the scheme
  • evidence that assessment criteria and practice is outlined in key documents including marketing materials and participant information packs.
  • suitable tools/methods to assess the needs and wishes of potential Householders and Homesharers
  • assessments are shared with participants and participants have the opportunity to feedback about their experience of being assessed.

We would also like you to share evidence in relation to this element that will support learning for the network and key stakeholders interested in developing or supporting Homeshare:

  • the tools/methods and forms you use to assess Householders and Homesharers
  • the tool/methods you use to assess the suitability of the Home to be shared.    
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