Quality Assurance Framework (self-assessment)

Good Practice Element 1 – Aims and Objectives

last modified on 24 October 2016

Guidance notes

In Homeshare both participants gain from the arrangement, giving and receiving in equal measure. Operating within the principle of mutuality, both parties feel valued and respected for their contribution and can enter the arrangement with dignity and enthusiasm.

For this element of good practice you will need to demonstrate:

  • That you have identified a need and a market for your Homeshare scheme
  • That the scheme encompasses the underpinning values of independence, personal growth and improved quality of life through reciprocal sharing of resources
  • Your scheme has clear aims and objectives for the delivery of Homeshare that are capable of being measured so that you can demonstrate impact
  • That key stakeholders are consulted and their views and opinions are used to establish the need for Homeshare and to develop your schemes services and focus.
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